Monday, October 18, 2010

intelligence report

Bago Espanya inalis ang kanilang mga kolonya sa Philippine Islands, Dr Jose Rizal o kilala rin bilang Jose Severino Sta. Romana is one of the headache of Spanish Regime in the Islands and during his time when he obtained Scholastic Title, he went to Hong Kong under British Territory before to met disguised Qing Emperor, one of Pres. Romana ay isa sa mga sakit ng ulo ng mga Kastila sa mga Islands at sa panahon ng kanyang oras kapag siya nakuha eskolastiko Title, siya nagpunta sa Hong Kong sa ilalim ng British Territory bago na nakilala disguised Qing Emperor, isa sa Pres. Ferdinand Marcos' old great and real grandfather and real father of Mrs. Josefa Edralin Marcos, who hide her real identity in the Philippine Islands and his close relative, sixth degree cousin; to hand over all information of White Mongolian Account then went to Europe to deposit his personal assets he'd taken from Carpio, Maria Banahaw, Maria Sinukuan, Maria Makiling, Maria Cristina and Antonio Diaz Santiago, who is the sole heir of Sur Kiram and Prophet Mohammad Account. Ferdinand Marcos 'lumang dakila at tunay na lolo at tunay na ama ni Mrs Josefa Edralin Marcos, na itago ang kanyang tunay na katauhan sa Philippine Islands at ang kaniyang malapit na kamag-anak, ikaanim degree pinsan; sa kamay sa lahat ng mga impormasyon ng White Mongolian Account at pagkatapos ay pumunta sa Europa upang deposito ang kanyang personal asset siya gusto kinuha mula Carpio, Maria Banahaw, Maria Sinukuan, Maria Makiling, Maria Cristina at Antonio Diaz Santiago, na ang tanging tagapagmana ng Sur Kiram at Propeta Mohammad Account. He deposited said assets in Europe which during that time, Vatican is the main keeper of said documentary deposits of all European Depositors. Siya nadeposito sinabi arian sa Europa na panahon na ang oras, Vatican ay ang pangunahing tagapag-ingat ng sinabi documentary deposito ng lahat ng European Depositors. When he arrived in Spain he bought Titulo de Propriedad numero 4136 to the Queen Regent of Spain then he brought that title in the Islands however the Spanish Ministers have made a scandalous Royal Decree no. Kapag siya ay dumating sa Espanya binili niya Titulo de Propriedad Numero 4136 sa Queen Regent ng Espanya

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