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Let us now take a look, as near as the record
allows, at how Piadeco exactly acquired its rights
under the Titulo. The original owner appearing
thereon was Don Mariano San Pedro y Esteban.
From Piadeco’s explanation - not its evidence (Rollo
of L-24796, pp. 179-188) we cull the following: On
December 3, 1894, Don Mariano mortgaged the land
under pacto de retro, redeemable within 10 years,
for P8,000.00 to one Don Ignacio Conrado. This
transaction was said to have been registered or
inscribed on December 4, 1894. Don Mariano
Ignacio died, his daughter, Maria Socorro Conrado,
his only heir, adjudicated the land to herself. At
about the same time, Piadeco was organized. Its
certificate of registration was issued by the
Securities and Exchange Commission on June 27,
1932. Later, Maria Socorro, heir of Don Ignacio,
became a shareholder of Piadeco when she conveyed
the land to Piadeco's treasurer and an incorporator,
Trinidad B. Estrada, in consideration of a certain
amount of Piadeco shares. Thereafter, Trinidad B.
Estrada assigned the land to Piadeco. Then came to
the scene a certain Fabian Castillo, appearing as
sole heir of Don Mariano, the original owner of the
land. Castillo also executed an affidavit of
adjudication to himself over the same land, and then
sold the same to Piadeco. Consideration therefor was
paid partially by Piadeco, pending the registration of
the land under Act 496.
The question may well be asked: Why was full
payment of the consideration to Fabian Castillo
made to depend on the registration of the land under
the Torrens system, if Piadeco was sure of the
validity of Titulo de Propiedad 4136? This, and other
factors herein pointed out, cast great clouds of doubt
that hang most conspicuously over Piadeco’s title.”
Moreover, in the case of Widows & Orphans

Titulo de Propriedad No. 4136 nor a genuine copy thereof.”The genuine copy thereof cannot be produced by the pretending petioner heirs for they are not the real owner ,the true story about this matter is that Don Mariano San pedro Y Esteban mortgaged the land in 1894 to his friend Don Ignacio Conrado for the sum of P8,000.00 under Pacto de Retro redeemable within ten years but Don Mariano San Pedro Esteban failed to redeem such land thereby Don Ignacio Conrado foreclosed the said land in 1904 and registered the same under Act 496 in 1909 and was issued Torrens title OCT 374 and TCT no.57 covered by Plan II-668 with decree no. recorded in Malolos Bulacan during the American Period. Now Maria Socorro Conrado the daughter and sole heir of Don Ignacio Conrado adjudicated the land to herself upon the death of her father Don Ignacio Conrado and sold the land to Pinagcamaligan Indo-Agro Development Corporation PIADECO for short, and now PIADECO being the successor in interest of Don Ignacio Conrado is the legal anf legitimate owner of the subject estate under Civil case no. 3035-M which upheld the ownership of PIADECO over the land and not its oppositor the Bureau
of Forestry in the sala of Judge Emmanuel Monuz of CFI Bulacan in 1964

There is really such a Torrens title (or an Original Certificate of Title) that was issued out of Titulo Propriedad 4136 of April 25, 1894, and it is OCT 4136 as declared by the DENR in its report in 1999 entitled Land Classification of Quezon City in 1999 just after the Supreme Court declared that Titulo de Propeidad 4136 Null and void in 1996. Truly the DENR as the department in charge of land was not convinced by the honorable Supreme Court of its decision regarding Titulo 4136 on the contrary it upheld the validity and authenticiy of Titluo de Propeidad 4136 . See also the Partial Decision of Judge Emmanuel Munoz in December 29, 1964 CFI Bulacan thereon. Pls. also see the Original Certificate of Title (OCT) No. 374 and TCT No.57 of the Hon. Register of Deeds of Malolos, Bulacan. The Torrens Title have long been existing since 1910 but was not known to many , and have become the object of complaint of Quieting of Title filed in Bulacan Regional Trial Court against the false heirs, all 42 of them with San Pedro surnames. The titles have been hidden by them false San Pedro heirs presumably because of Don Ignacio Conrado as the “next of kin and true legal owner" of San Pedro Estate --with his most authentic Spanish documents, discovered from the 400 year-old church of Sta. Ana in Taguig. Titulo Propriedad 4136 issued in April 25, 1894 had, indeed, been submitted in a Land Registration Case under Act 496 in 1909. The original of the Titulo Propriedad 4136 was necessarily shown, and examined (as indicated in the records), and found in order, so that in 1972, after due notice and hearing with all concerned, the Hon. fact-finding and jurisdictional court, which is a Court “in rem”, whose decision is final and against the whole world, (after the lapse of certain number of years), issued forth a decree for the issuance of Torrens Titles, namely, Original Certificates of Title (OCTs) No. 374 and TCT No.57. A number of Transfer Certificates of Title have also been issued from the OCTs, (they) were transferred to innocent purchasers for value, and have become valid and perfect titles.

The Partial Decision of Judge Emmanuel Munoz in Civil Case No. 3035-M in Pinagcamaligan Indo-Agro Development Coporation(PIADECO) Vs. Director of Forestry the judge affirmed the ownership of PIADECO under OCT 4136 and the decision of the judge has become final and executory for failure of the director of forestry to appeal therefrom, and in the long court battle which ended in 1968 as acknowledged by the decision of the supreme court in G.R. No. L-24796 and G.R. No. L-25459 in the consolidated case which favor the government petition against the logging operation of PIADECO for the cancellation of its license by some unscrupolous government officials but affirmed the ownership of PIADECO over the land in question. Which decision is twisted by the government as the case that they won over the land but reading carefully such decision it is very clear that the land belongs to PIADECO it was the logs which the Supreme Court awarded to the government and not the subject land because the decision of CFI Bulacan as to the ownership of PIADECO is final for failure of the Director of Forestry to appeal therefrom which decision was not reversed by the Honorable Supreme Court.What the supreme court altered is the order of the CFI bulacan regarding the confiscated logs and not the land and that is very clear if you read the Supreme Court Decision.Determining the Titulo Propriedad 4136 issued on April 25, 1894 to be in order,--as well as his issuance of the judicial decree for registration of the land thereof, and the final issuance of the Original Certificates of Title to the said lands within Titulo Propriedad 4136 issued on April 25, 1894,--is of "judicial notice" in Philippines jurisdiction, specially to the Hon. Supreme Court. [(Pls. see Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, Rule 129, Sec. 1). Moreover, the said Land was recognized by the American government under the Treaty of Paris in 1898 and continue to recognize the same even the after the American period in the Philippines it was only during the Marcos regime that Spanish Title was abolished under PD 892, that even President Marcos has no authority to abrogate the Spanish Mortgage Law which is recognized under the Treaty of Paris if that is so then the territory of the Philippines comes from nowhere, because under the 1935 constitution the territory of the Philippines comes from the Treaty of Paris between Spain and the US .Presidential Decree 892 is unconstitutional it deprives the owner of the land its title without due process of law this decree was issued by the late president for selfish motives so that all its political enemies with vast tract of lands under Spanish titles will be deprived of their properties without going through court litigations and therefore violates the very basic rights of the people.Registration Case is a proceeding “in rem”, which is “an action in which the court is required to have control of the thing or object and in which an adjudication is made as to the object which binds the whole world and not simply the interests of the parties to the proceeding, and has for its object the disposition of property, without reference to the title of individual claimants;.

for the genuine OCT 4136 was already in the hands of Piadeco. Indeed, the Hon. Supreme Court dispenses justice to all but ultimately (and mercifully) sides with the disadvantaged people, and that, today, all rejoice because the people themselves will be served and benefited by the dramatic resolution on the ownership of the vast tracts of land in question. On the side of the judicially confirmed successor (PIADECO), we know of the great sacrifices they have made for the country, and they are always like today serving as mere instruments for greater cause and of social justice. It is befitting to remember now that Don Ignacio Conrado died a decent man; while being a Spanish subject, was raised in a great liberal tradition; he was an industrious nobleman, as he in fact toiled his way to prominence, even meriting great land concessions from the grateful civil government of his time. Don Mariano San Pedro his friend provided indispensable service in public works to the Spanish Crown and the Office of the Governor General of the Islands.

n gratitude to the government and the people, when Don Ignacio Conrado prepared died ,Mr Wilfredo Torres continued his noble task for the poor and underprevelige Filipino citizens that is by distributing and giving land to the landless,giving them ownership to the land where they dwell particularly to those people branded by the governement as squatters. FOr Mr. Wilfredo Torres the term squatters for our filipino countrymen is stupid for how could a filipino be an foreign to his land, the filipino should therefore own the land.That is why the program of Piadeco is to distribute the land under its vast track of land covered byt its title OCT 374 and TCT 57 which they acquired from Don Ignacio Conrado the owner of the San PEdro Estate.

( The team of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo it is real biggest cyndicate of our land intired philipines,even specially in Province of Rizal. They are the team, that we called

"Land grabber Government Cyndicate Organization or LANGRAGCO" with thier associate in the Philippine government agencies as follows:D.A.R., MMDA,Philippine Security Police Oficcer,(P.S.P.O.Camp crame,Quezon City(meaning to say they are as a protector paying under dog of

Unknown Chinese Land grabber big financier in Binondo manila),N.H.A.Pag ibig housing (under management of Vice Pres.Noli de Castro and Mike Defensor.

please my dearest philippine countrymen,you may always beware these people under by Pres. Gloria Macagal Arroyo with specially Senator Manny Villar.

thank you very much and i hope you may understand.

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